How can I take care of my ticket?
What address do I send my payment to?
How much is my ticket?
What is Judge Brown’s phone number?
What is Judge Fox’s phone number?
What if I need more information than is available on the Internet?
Does the Police Department take fingerprints for concealed handgun license or other employment?
How do I apply for a position as a Lake Jackson Police Officer?
Are reports available at the Police Department instead of through the Internet?
How do I find out if I have any outstanding warrants?
How do I find out if someone is in jail in Lake Jackson?
How do I file a complaint against a Police Department employee?
Where do I obtain a Texas driver’s license or state Identification card?
How do I drop charges against someone?
What are the hours of operation for the SPCA
What is Law Enforcement Exploring or Explorers?
Who can join Lake Jackson Explorers?
What do the Lake Jackson Explorers do?
How much does it cost to be an Explorer with the Lake Jackson Police Department?
What is Hunter Education?
Who has to take Hunter Education?
For more information on Hunter Education See the Link on our Home Page or copy the link below.
Do I need an alarm permit, and if so, how do I get one?
Why can’t I just drop an animal off when the shelter is closed, there are people there working?
My animal was picked up and the shelter is closed on Sunday and Monday, how do I pick him up?
How do I register my dog or cat and how old do they have to be?
I have stray cats in my neighborhood and my neighbors are feeding them, what do I do?

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